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A privacy-first cross-platform contact-tracing application, automating near-immediate results and helping to prevent further COVID-19 outbreaks.

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1, 5, 10-step contact tracing in a single day

As different strains of COVID-19 appear, we need to implement systems to stay ahead of the curve; so we can stay open and save lifes.


Location data stays on your device, encrypted. We don't store it on our servers, or anyone elses.


When exposure sites are updated, your device will check to see whether you need to isolate, instantly.

Set & Forget

No need to remember scan in and out of bars, resturants and gyms; start tracking and live your life.


Your data stays on your phone, encrypted. No remote servers to be hacked, no way for data to get leaked.

Joe in a downtown street

Case Study

Meet Joe

Joe has just been contacted by the Department of Health who have spent the last 3 days identifying him as a potential contact.

He goes and gets a COVID test. He’s positive, and he’s been in the community for days; unknowingly infecting others.

Now follow Joe with Guardian.

Joe has just received a Guardian alert on his phone telling him he has been in the same place at the same time as someone who has just tested positive for COVID.

He immediately gets tested and heads home to isolate, reducing the likelihood or possibility for community transmission and helping Joe to recover and faster than ever.

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